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Note: we are no longer including shaker pegs on our racks.

This wall mounted indoor bicycle storage solution is designed as a piece of functional furniture for artistically protecting and displaying two of your favorite bicycles.

Although, this rack is designed to support two bicycles by their frames off of the ground, bicycles can be hung by their saddle as well.

The arms are adjustable, making it possible to accommodate bicycles with different frame configurations.

Each rack has the Rack & Cycle logo laser engraved into it.

The racks are coated with a protective wood finish.

Felt strips are included as an optional protective layer between your bike frame and the wooden rack.

This bike rack is 6' 6" tall and the arms extend just under 15" from the wall.

The rack and toggle supporting system is engineered to support two bikes of any weight 13" off of the wall accommodating the widest of handle bars without a problem. If this is of concern to you you can measure the distance from your top frame tube to the end of your handle bars to see if 13" off of the wall will give you enough room. In almost all case this distance should be sufficient.

In order to protect the wood during shipping, some assembly is required and instructions are included. The rack will come in eight pieces requiring four screws (included) to be used to secure the cross brasses to the long vertical supports. Eight sets of bolts, washers, and screws are included to secure the arms to the vertical supports. All in all, assembly and mounting can be accomplished in very little time.

Mounting instructions are included along with the user friendly Strap-Toggle mounting brackets. Although, a stud finder, drill, and level can facilitate the mounting process they are not necessary. The self drilling strap-toggle mounting system is designed to be mounted into dry wall, plaster, tile, or hollow block (not a stud) and can be accomplished with ONLY A SCREW DRIVER! If your only option for your bracket is into a stud, a stud screw can be used, but we would prefer one of the supports be a Strap-Toggle. If you plan to mount the rack on a masonry wall, a masonry wall mounting kit can be acquired at your local hardware store.