Triple Ox

Bike Floor Stand

$ 229.00

This triple bicycle floor stand is designed as a piece of functional furniture for artistically protecting and displaying three of your favorite bicycles. 

The stand has a 3 tiered slot engineered to accommodate any size tire from a thin road bike, medium cruiser tire, all the way up to a standard mountain bike tire.

The stand designed to hold either the front or rear tire accommodating three bicycles even with wide handle bars with ease.

Each rack has the Rack & Cycle logo laser engraved into it.

Each rack is coated with a protective wood finish (Although, there are plans to offer a more economical unfinished Baltic Birch product in the future.) 

This triple bike stand assembled roughly measures 26" long and 36" wide and 18" high.

The stand can be assembled and disassembled in a matter of seconds simply by connecting or disconnecting the four individual slotted pieces of wood.